Everything you need to know about using Google Analytics


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service that is offered by Google which deals with website analytics. Google Analytics gives you insights into how users find and use your website. You will be able to track ROI for your online marketing.

How does Google Analytics track the data from my website?

Google Analytics tracks our website data by creating a unique code that’s used to track every detail of your website. This is a coding language that runs in the viewers’ browser when they visit your website pages.

What is the tool used for measuring the data by Google Analytics?

Google Analytics uses two blocks for measurement. And they are dimensions and metrics.

  1. ]Dimensions]are nothing but the attributes of your website data, such as the location from where the traffic is from, the page which you are observing, and the social media channel which you are currently examining.
  2. Metrics are the quantitative data of the dimensions which you are looking at. For example, you are looking at the number of impressions on your image and found out that there are 2000 of them. This 2000 is taken as a metric.

How can I install Google Analytics on my website?

Here are the simple steps, follow them:

  1. Go to the Google Analytics website and create an account.
  2. Update the information as asked by them and then use it to track your website by adding it to your website, blog or even a mobile app.
  3. The third step is the easiest of all – you have a to set up a tracking code. Follow the instructions as shown by Google Analytics website. This unique code, located at the header position of your website Javascript code, does the task of collecting your website data and drops it to your Google Analytics account.

What is the benefit of integrating Google Analytics into my website?

1. Shows you what the viewers are interested in:

Okay, so you have decided to choose a niche and have started writing a blog on that. That’s a great step! Most of the aspiring digital marketers do not even have a blog, do you know that?

You can look at features shown like what is the Behavior Flow and Site Content. They will be able to exactly tell you what your viewers are interested in.

2. Helps to optimize your website:

By looking at metrics such as time on page, bounce rates, and views will give you an idea about what changes you need to make on your website — this is the true benefit of Google Analytics.

Compare your landing pages against one another and you will find out which one brings you more traffic. These metrics will give you an idea that why certain pages are more successful than others. By testing your website using A/B tests you will be able to further optimize your website.

3. Reports via mail:

The reports will be periodically sent to your personal email by Google Analytics. This will keep you updated and will give you cues on what your website needs to improve the content on or why there is bounce rate in a certain page. It will help you in bringing changes to your website and build strategies to create content.

4. Integrate with Adwords or Google Ads:

There is more gold waiting for you if you will be able to integrate Google Adwords with Analytics. It only takes a few steps to do the integration but in the long run, it is worth every step you take. The insights from AdWords campaigns can be seen when you integrate them with Google Analytics.

5. Can help you create better ads:

Allows us to measure e-commerce data. It obtains the data from the users such as purchase information which we will be able to track a certain keyword, search term, or landing page.

This also shows us that how marketers target the right keywords within ads on the websites. This is one of the ways how most companies use insights from Google Analytics to display their ads.

July 16, 2018

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