Is Digital Marketing a good choice for me?


Digital marketing includes all the efforts which use an electronic device or the internet to market the product or service. Day by day more business houses are investing themselves towards online and leveraging the digital channels such as search engine, email, websites and social media in order to stay in touch with the prospective customers.

It is quite important for each and every person to learn about Digital Marketing to start a business or be hired into companies that are in a hunt for digital marketing experts. This also helps the person to market their talent, expertise, and skills.

The importance of the internet is growing at a fast pace in India helping most of the small-scale business to leverage technology in increasing the revenue. All thanks to #DigitalIndiacampaign introduced by Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited.

Before we move further, we need to ask ourselves whether digital marketing is the right choice for us. Well, if the interest is in sales, marketing, creativity, social media, content, creativity, advertising then it probably is the right choice.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands by more than one form of electronic media. It focuses on using channels which help the organization to analyze marketing campaigns to understand what’s working well and what needs to repaired – all in real time basis.

Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing.


Digital MarketingTraditional Marketing
Higher chances of targeting the right customers.The chance is minimal.
Budget spend is less than 1/4th of traditional marketing.Budget spent on ads, TVs, radios, and flex is quite high.
The search is narrow hence you can easily get the right customers with less time.Broad search which results in too much time taken to find the right customer.
Reachability is broad.Reachability is narrow.

Digital marketing is a skill; not a syllabus restricted course and everyone who wants to grow can learn this course. One can either study by joining for online programs or can look for reputed institutes to study more about this field.

Can anyone learn it?

This course can be purely approached by anyone who doesn’t have a college qualification or has a basic school background.

  1. Students: Students who are interested to build a start-up that requires online media to connect with the customers can enroll themselves to learn this field.
  2. Professionals: The professionals who work in various fields may find themselves behind the competition and will require this field to further understand the market in order to perform better.
  3. Career switchers: Finding what one likes to do is definitely a never ending debate and there is a growing number of career switchers that are moving to the digital field. This is all because of various requirements and the passion to build an entrepreneurship profile.

Having a thorough knowledge of digital marketing is quite important and they are easy if one has the willingness to put their effort into learning it.

Join our digital marketing course and be an expert today.

July 28, 2018

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