What are Google Adwords/Google Ads?

Google Adwords, now called Google Ads (from 24 July 2018 onwards), is an advertising system from Google. Under Google Adwords, the advertisers do their bidding on specific keywords so that their ads will appear in Google’s search results. Google makes money since the advertisers have to pay for these clicks.

What are the different platforms for Google Adwords?

They include Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads and App Ads.

  1. Search Ads: Those ads where your ad will be displayed next to the search results as displayed on Google.
  2. Display Ads: They appear in the form of text and banner ads. This will be displayed in Gmail and more than two million website and apps.
  3. Video Ads: Your ads will be shown on YouTube.
  4. App Ads: Your apps either for Android or for IOS will be shown across billions of Google users.

What are Search Ads?

Search Ads work based on the keyword typed by the user to the search engine. Once the user has typed the query on the search engine then the results which are shown as ads will appear before the organic results and they are related to the query typed.

What are Display Ads?

With Display Ads you are able to target websites, target interests and target remarketing audiences, you can run your ads on different kinds of apps and on Gmail. So there are all sorts of places where you are able to run your Display ads.

When you read a post or view videos on some random website, you get to see ads at different places on the web page in different dimensions. These are display ads.

How do Display Ads function?

  1. Keywords:The Display Ads show the content based on the keywords typed by the user. For instance, the user typed “fast food” on the search engine then the Display Ads will start showing ads which are related to fast food to the user on the webpage.
  2. Placements:Placements are where the Google Adwords user wants his ads to be placed on the specific website despite the different keywords typed. Therefore, it is not necessary that the ads shown will be in relation to the content related to the keyword. For instance, John wants his ads related to mobile repairs featured on all websites that talk about electronics. Hence it can appear to websites that only talk about the latest smart TVs.
  3. Remarket:This technique can be used to connect with the existing website visitors who had earlier visited the website and then the owner decides to show them his ad to any website which the visitor visits.
  4. Topics:This is where you can be able to display your ads under specific topics. For instance, your website is about travel and tourism and then you can show your ads on “travel” topic.

What are Video Ads?

Video Ads are created by the user to talk about his products or services. There are pre-roll and mid-roll ads. Pre-roll ads after played before the video starts and mid-roll ads are used in between the videos. This platform helps the advertisers run their video ads on YouTube and other Google Display networks.

AdWords for video can be used for demographic targeting to more efficiently reach the audience.

What are the different types of Video Ads?

Google Video Ads offer three different types of Video Ads. They are In-Stream Ads, In-Search Ads, and In-Display Ads.

  1. In-Stream Ads are those ads where the ads are played before, middle and after the video.
  2. In-Search Ads is where the video is displayed due to the specific keyword typed by the user on YouTube but it only charges when the user clicks the ad.
  3. In-Display Ads focus more on where the videos will appear next to other videos on YouTube ads. Money is charged when the user clicks the video.

What are App Ads?

This campaign is helpful for businesses that use mobile apps. Here, the advertiser can promote the mobile app across search, PlayStore, Display & YouTube. AdWords uses ad text ideas and other assets right from your app store listings. All you need to do is provide some text, a budget. and a starting bid. Also, don’t forget to set languages and locations for the ad.

By utilizing all this information, AdWords itself designs a variety of ads in different formats. Google will automatically test different ad combinations and display the one that performs the best.

How does Google Adwords work?

As the user types in the keyword to the address bar of the search engine. The ad, which is relevant to the keyword typed, appears to the user on the first page. To place the ad there, Google charges you some money and that is how Google makes money.

Why would I use Google Adwords?

  1. This is a process that allows you to test your sales message and accelerate the traffic to your website.
  2. Google Adwords help you to get quicker results than SEO.
  3. You can be able to increase your return on investment (ROI) based on different bidding strategies.
  • If your goal is to drive in more traffic to your website then CPC (cost per click) is a great option. For this method, you only pay when your ad gets clicked. You can set the maximum bid for paying for this click.
  • If your goal is to build brand awareness then enroll for CPM (cost per thousand viewable impressions). You can decide the amount you are willing to pay for your ad being viewed by 1000 people. This feature is available on the Google Display network.
  • If you are focused on getting the conversions then the best option is CPA (cost per acquisition). Conversions can be anything in the form of purchases or sign-ups.
July 28, 2018

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