Will Artificial Intelligence takeover Digital Marketing jobs?

Almost all companies are becoming increasingly focused towards automation technology. From a range of manual jobs like construction work to more evolving jobs like agency and media, the use of artificial intelligence is on the rise.
This comes down to the end question raised by the current digital marketing professionals, “will it take away my job?”. Well, the answer is yes…..in the long run.

This fear is present within each and every employee, be it any type of industry, and this topic has been a never-ending debate since the launch of a digital era.

A study done at Oxford University found out that 45% of all the current jobs will disappear in the next 10 years with some of them being completely automated or at least upgraded to a point where a fraction of workforce is needed. Some of these jobs include drivers, printers, and publishers, cashiers and travel agents etc.

From a company point of view, they would ask why to provide white collared jobs for people who will always be slower and more inefficient when they can have a machine which can do all of the smart work.

Okay, what is Artificial Intelligence? Seriously!

Artificial Intelligence is simply an intelligent machine. The concept of AI changes over a period of time due to new improvements and new additions to the field of technology. But at the core, it always stressed that it is the idea of thinking like humans.

Artificial Intelligence impact and what can you do about it?

  1. You cannot go back. You can only move forward and learn to co-exist with Artificial Intelligence.
  2. 50 years forward there will be a lot of changes. An individual can survive in the job market if he or she learns to adapt and bring in alterations within their field to go together with Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Use Artificial Intelligence to expand our intelligence base which will, in turn, help us find solutions.

How can one survive in AI world?

The best way to survive is to focus oneself on continuous learning and stay ahead in solving innovative problems. One can progress very well based on continuous learning.

The big companies require a vast number of data for machine learning and generating algorithms. But then there are so many other Artificial Intelligence-based systems which do not require huge data to work (this could be of huge advantage for the small companies)

A digital marketing evangelist by Kaushik Avinash has given a clear-cut example about the Artificial Intelligence

July 16, 2018

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